Lamya and I met with Dale Cross at 2:30 on Monday afternoon. We first had an overview discussion of what programs we are going to be taking on. We looked at the different parts of the Marketing Plan that he has set up. We also decided that we should meet each Monday to go over what we have accomplished the week before. After we set up times for the following weeks we looked at the Annual Campaign Appeal that was made a few years before for OIC. He also gave us a schedule for upcoming meetings for the board and the locations of the meeting. We finished the meeting by looking at other organization’s Annual Appeal Campaigns and compared them to OIC’s version. We decided that for next week we would brainstorm ideas of what we found that we liked in other Annual Campaign Appeals.
I felt that the meeting with Dale Cross went very well. It was very exciting for me to see what the task we are taking on is. I felt that what I am going to be working on is very relevant to what I have worked on before and the types of things that I am interested in. Creating a story for OIC and getting their message out to people in the community and businesses is very important and makes me feel like I will be able to expand the familiarity of OIC to the community. I feel that writing something like this will have a positive effect on the organization, but how will we really convey the message and convince people that this organization will help them or their business and the Carlisle community.
His idea to get the word out to the people and convey his story his an attainable goal, but he should for look at the strategy that he has in place for the activity. There should be a sense of scope for the organization and what groups and people should be targetted. Another aspect to be looked at is the competitive advantages that this organization has. By pointing out the competitive advantages to companies and people there will be a larger amount of cash flow into the organization and more interest in it as well. Another important part of the strategy
is to look at what keeps people coming back to the organization and what makes it succesful. By looking at these aspects Dale Cross will know that these are important aspects that he should keep in his newsletter and material to keep the organization successful.