My first visit to a religious site I went to the Sunday Evening Catholic Mass held in Memorial Hall at West College at 7 p.m. I personally have not even attended religious services for a number of years, so it was a new experience for me. Going into the service I expected the mass to consist of a number of members of the community dressed in relatively formal attire with a rather long sermon and the minister to be older. I was rather surprised to see that most of the members of the mass consisted of students and they were all rather casually dressed, some of which just wearing sweatshirts and jeans. All the members of the mass surprised me when they had every hymn and prayer pretty well memorized for the most part, while my friend and I were struggling to respond and partake in the hymns. The minister himself was young, and he announced before the service really began that the next weeks mass would be his last before he took a leave of absence. He then had a very short sermon about trust, which lasted roughly ten or so minutes. He tied trust into all different aspects of life. The music used seemed very important throughout the service and was played by college students, as most of the service seemed to be organized by a group of college students that I assume have relatively the same duties each and every week. At the end of the service, the minister announced his appreciation for how prepared the people who put forth the service were every week and how he did not have to worry about the music, hymns, etc. because that was already taken care of. Overall, my experience at this religious site was enlightening and enjoyable. Much of what I expected by going in there was changed coming out, and I believe that it is a type of service that I would attend again if that minister was to continue his stay.