Congratulations to everyone that is coming to Brisbane next semester. Brisbane is a really great city and I’m sure everyone is going to love it here. First of all, when you arrive in Brisbane you’ll be greated by Ann. Ann is the onsite director of the program, so she’ll basically get you set up and introduce you to the city. She also has various activities planned through out the semester, so you’ll get to know her fairly well. She’s very easying going so if you have any questions just give her an email.

Brisbane is actually a very easy city to learn and get around in. The public transportation is excellent and easy to understand so the chances of getting seriously lost if minimal. Buses run very late on the weekends, so if you’re out late you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the city and having to pay for a taxi. Buses do stop running around midnight during the weeknights though. There are a lot of activities in Brisbane such as Street Beach, clubs, cinemas, and a casino (if you feel like doing some gambling). So you should be fairly entertained.

Well, I’m off, so goodluck everyone and have fun in Australia.