Today I spent alot of time working on writing these blogs you see here, catching up on the time we lost in Kyoto. I also started working on my paper for this class. I have to decided to write it on Murasaki Shikibu the author of the Tale of Genji. This is highly regarded as possibly the first novel wriitten. It was during the Heian period, also know as the Golden Age of Japan court. Anyway, I found little information on the author herself, but I should be fine when I add discussion of the Tale of Genji and the Heian Period.

For dinner, Pastel. I like it more than I did the first time. Its much better with the tomato sauce.

Afterwards we watched a pretty poor soccer game between England and Ecquador. Beckham scored the only goal in the game off a free kick outside the box. He sort of bent it. ;)


This weekend is free and we were definately doing very little compared to earlier weekends. Today I woke up late, a real blessing. I got some food at the Supa for lunch. After that we hung around until 3, at which point we went to Sakae again to look around and meet up with two nanzan students for dinner. I did some last shopping for the trip.

We went to Indus, an Indian restaurant for dinner. Again it was pretty much a great Indian meal. I like it mor and more. I think I’m also getting better about spicyness. Sandy and I left the group early after to look around Sakae some more. We came back then and I spent some time reading articles on the World Cup, which we watched that night.


Friday was tough. We were free in Kyoto but we didn’t really know our way around as much so we spent the day wandering around shopping. Whne we got back we went to Pastel for supper and watched another World Cup game. In Japan, we’ve watched many of the games in the past two weeks usually one a night its become sort of a nnightly tradition. I think that part of it has to do with media bombarment of the World Cup. Every commercial is in some way yeid to it. There are commercials that are made just for this time in Japan when the world cup is going on. Also there are tons of promotional things everywhere. I’ve been collecting Cocacola poker chip keychains that have the world cup team flags on them. It’s really prevalent in this country.


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