Today is our last full day as a group in Japan. We had our last full class and gave our presentations. After the presentations we shared our personal feelings about the trip, I think everyone had an overall good experience, I know I certainly did. After class we we went to lunch with Ayame, Nao, and Taka. Tomorrow Dave and I set out for Hiroshima, hopefully, so that should be exciting. We won’t be able to use a computer tomorrow, they’re collecting the modems and the library doesn’t open till late, so I have to write this entry now. Tonight we’re all going out for our last group dinner and then I guess it’ll be goodbye.

I am certainly glad I came on this trip, I loved Japan, made a lot of new friends, and will no doubt have many lasting memories.

Anyway, I will try to write a more thorough rap-up entry when I get home and have had time to unwind. But until then. . .

Today I spent all day writing my paper at the library. I’m writing on Natsume Soseki, the famous Japanese author of the Meiji period. It’s hard to write my paper because the matriarch of the Nanzan library, almost certainly a communist sympathizer, kicks me off of the computer every 45 minutes or so because they are only for “data basing.” Tonight I’m going to go back and finish when she goes home. Luckily the library is open till 10:00. We ate lunch today with Ayame, Nao, and Taka. I’m glad we we’re able to make friends with some Nanzan students and I hope we all keep in touch. After lunch I went back to my room and finished Ender’s Game. In the afternoon we went to a “party” where we made our own sushi rolls. Afterward, Nao came out with us when we went to the infamous Coffee and Hamburgers shop. The food was just a little worse than I expected but the coffee was good. The rest of today will no doubt be spent writing my paper.

Today everyone worked on their papers but because I have no computer and the library is closed on Sunday I had nothing to do. So instead I read Ender’s game all day and sat around my room. There is really nothing to write about. I’ve been planning for our traveling around Japan by reading the guidebook that I bought in America and plotting roughly how we’re going to get to each city. This is the plan as of now: the first night in Hiroshima, then two nights and about a day and a half in Nagasaki, then we’ll spend all Saturday traveling to Tokyo. We’ll have Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday in Tokyo. We come back to Nagoya Tuesday night and spend all day Wendsday here (Sakae?) and Thursday we leave. Tonight we went to Pastel (again) and had another amazing Italian dish. I’m really going to miss that place.

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