I can’t believe we’re done already. It feels like we just got here. I still remember waking up at 4 am the first morning here. Ah, those were the days. It’s been a fun trip overall. Like anything else, it’s had its ups and its downs, but all in all, the good outways the bad. This morning we presented our people. Everyone was very good, and very different. We covered a broad range of people, from samurai to writers to politicians. I was impressed. Everyone presented very well too. It was easier to fill 8-10 minutes than I thought it would be. Afterwards, we dicussed the trip and everyone’s opinions on it. It didn’t know any Japanese or anything really about Japan, and I am very impressed with it. It’s clean, polite, nice, and helpful. I really liked the people here. I thought they were much nicer to foreigners than Americans ever are. We also partook in our last group dinner. We went to yet another izakaya, which was actually not as good as some of the others we’ve been to. However, the night was still fun. Miyakawa-sensei and a bunch of Nanzan kids came, including Mishio and Satomi. We took lots of pictures and told lots of stories, and got a good laugh out of Kelsey who drank more than I think he’s ever had on this trip. Lots of hugs. Dinner ended with various speeches from various people, all of which got hugs from Kelsey. Then we decided to hit up a karoke joint, since we hadn’t yet and it’s our last night. An hour and half of crazed singing, and some dancing, we left each other. Some of us parted for good. Matt, David, Mike, and Winston-sensei are all not coming with us tomorrow, so we had to say our goodbyes under neon-lights. Winston-sensei is moving to CA, so she bid farewell to our her students. Now its late, and I’m getting up early, which is never a good combination. So I will conclude my series. To those of you who acutally read these things, thanks a lot. I don’t know why you did it, but thanks. Anything else you need to know, feel free to ask me. Home Sweet Home tomorrow. Oyasumi.

This morning I met with Winston-sensei about my paper. It lasted only 5 minutes. She took one look at what I had and said I was good. Afterwards I went back to my room and hit a writing spree. I finished my paper soon afterwards. We went out to lunch to the curry place, and then I just hung out in my room all day. There was a party with a bunch of Nanzan students around dinner. We made sushi and takoyaki. It wasn’t very good. The food or the party. It was slightly less akward than the first party, but still it was uncomfortable enough that I didn’t stay long. Mike, Matt, David and I left and went to dinner at the coffee and hamburger place with Nao. It also wasn’t very good. So I did good in finishing my paper, but the rest of the day was only alright. Now I’m tired from doing nothing all day. See you tomorrow for presentations. Oyasumi.

Mike, Satomi, and I went out today. We went to the Higashiyama Zoo, which was cool, but sad at the same time. There were a lot of animals I’d never seen, but they were all in such small cages. They looked pretty sad. We spent most of the afternoon there. There was a petting zoo where you could actually take guinea pigs on your lap and play with them. Then we caught a train to Sakae and finished up my shopping. I got everyone on my list crossed off. I’m happy about that. Then we went to dinner at this fry-it-yourself place. There were deep fryers in the table in front of oyu, and you got sticks of meat and battered and fried them yourselves. It was kinda cool, but we were talking about how it would never work in the States. Too many lawsuits. So now, once again, I’m going to bed thinking about how I don’t want to write this paper. Oyasumi.

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