In the morning presentations. I was skeptical, but Winston-sensei was right, 10 minutes went by fast. Under pressure, I forgot a couple things I had wanted to mention in my presentation, but during questions, I managed to remember them (namely Hideyoshi’s attempts to invade Korea and China). Overall, I think all of the presentations were pretty darn good, especially considering the fact that we only had about a day to prepare for them.

Afterwards, around 1230, we found out that we had to have our rooms cleaned up by 3. Frenetic packings and trash sorting ensued. After getting all packed up and checked out, David and I headed to the arcade for some Ghost Squad before our last dinner. Kelsey got very drunk as usual. After dinner, we went to karaoke for two hours with our Japanese friends. Then David and I played our final game of Ghost Squad. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued at the tragedy of our departure. Regrettably, we had to leave Japan.

Best trip ever.

After discussing the topic of my paper with Winston-sensei in the morning (Hideyoshi Toyotomi), I began work. Actually, work for me means do everything but work while considering starting work. So in truth, I got my CD’s ripped onto my computer and watched stuff about Gackt for most of the day while intermittently writing bits of my paper and doing research until we had to go to a sushi and takoyaki party hosted by our good friends at Nanzan.

I made some tasty unagi/tamago sushi, however, I managed to pick the crappy knife and ended up destroying it in the process of cutting it to the giggles of Japanese girls. Of course, it was still tasty and I took it all in stride say such things as “shinda” (it’s dead), which only resulted in more giggles. The takoyaki was pretty good too. Tako (octopus) doesn’t really seem to have much of a flavor, but I kinda like it. Overall, I think Mike’s description of the party sums it up best, “This party is more segregated than an 8th grade dance”. It was so true, all of the dickinson students were in one corner, all of the japanese girls were on another side, and all the japanese guys were on the other side. Also, Yoko was freaked out when Japanese students were trying to talk in English to her. I thought it was a good opportunity to practice our Japanese.

That evening, I stayed up late watching soccer and finishing up my paper after another trip to the Book Off for more CDs and manga.

Today was the day to start researching our papers which were due on Tuesday. In the evening, we went to pastel for dinner and then watched YAWCG (yet another world cup game). We also hit BookOff and I picked up a couple cheap japanese CD’s and some manga. The nice thing about reading Bleach in japanese is that all of the kanji have the readings next to them so I can go through and methodically translate each word I don’t understand. This is doubly good as I am both entertained and learn more Japanese in the process.

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