We had our presentations, a group dinner, a bit of Karaoke, and that’s about all. So anyways since it’s the last day just a few things, first off, its been fun, while some things got annoying at times, overall it was a great trip, and so on. Also to Winston- and Meguro-Sensei this trip was a ton better then the last time I was in Japan, there was a good balance of free time, and group stuff, the classes were, for the most part, interesting, trips good, well planned, and so on, especially for the first time the program was run. So yeah, overall, a great trip and a ton of fun, really happy I did it, and I wish we had a couple more weeks or something. And finally, to say it again, Winston-Sensei, hope everything goes well in California, and maybe find some time to get back out to PA to visit… or something. And Ill be back in America in less then 24 hours… kinda weird…

So today basically consisted of writing the paper, we each had a short meeting with Winston to talk about the basic topic, but that was all for the class. Grabbed a quick lunch at the curry place, and then it was basically working on the paper on and off until the takoyaki/sushi party which had decent food and was kinda fun. After that we grabbed a bit of food at a Chinese place and spent a few minutes at book-off and then I headed back to my room to finish off the paper. And that’s about it.

And a third short entry, because again there isn’t much to write about without either repeating observations from earlier entries, or just making stuff up to fill the lines, neither of which I really feel like doing, I am guessing that the next two entries will also follow this pattern, especially since, at least on Monday, I will be spending most of my time actually writing the paper, since, unless I stay up insanely late all I am getting done tonight is a bit more research and more some organizing stuff in my head. Anyways so today… Woke up late, headed to the sushi place in Oasis, went back to the dorm, researched stuff for the paper, read, researched some more, went out to dinner at pastel, came back, wrote these entries, researched, read, researched, finished writing these entries, and now I am at the present. One note, I really which I was back at Dickinson writing this paper, not only would I have a printer in my room, but I could go to the library to get real books, and more background information, instead of having one or two sources for the biography and then a bunch of people analyzing other things and allowing me to get some insight, but only from the interpretations someone else had made. So I am not sure how this paper will turn out, I doubt I will like it, then again I usually don’t like my papers when I write them, but with this one Ill just feel that I am compiling other peoples opinions without knowing much about the topic besides a very basic and general overview. And on another note, I cant believe we only have two more days here, the time went by very quickly, and it was a good trip, anyways more on that later, maybe Ill post something Tuesday night, or when I get back Wednesday.

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