Today I worked on my paper a little more in the morning and started listening through some more of the CD’s I bought in Kyoto and the Book-Off. In the evening everyone went to a farewell party where we made out own sushi. I didn’t know exactly how sushi was made so the whole process was very fun to experience. The rolling part proved a little more difficult than I thought and the cutting even more difficult. I am just not very skilled at it although I got a lot of laughs from the girls who were trying to teach me. I eventually got too frustrated and just grabbed a handful of rice to eat. Also, I made another important food related discovery. There is a bar in Sakae that sells kangaroo burgers. I now must eat one before I can go back. This goal now officially is more important than eating more whale.

After the party, Mike, Caroline, Matt, Noa, and I went to eat at Coffee & Hamburgers. The portions there were incredibly small, it really is no wonder that so many Japanese are so thin. After we got back to the room I started thinking about packing, and it isn’t looking pretty. But before I can even get to that I have to take out this pile of garbage that has been gathering in a corner. I never really figured out the disposal system here so I might just have to stick it to the man and toss my garbage in random trash bins. I’ll do it someplace in public though, I wouldn’t want to get the workers here in trouble with the man.

On a side note, the bonus tracks on the Avril CD were a letdown. Well, half of them were. Here are some of the lyrics from the bonus track, “I Always Get What I Want.”

Get me what I want
Everything that I got
Get me what I want
Cause I’m a big shot

So give me what I want
I always get what I want
You don’t want to see me when
I don’t get what I want
That’s not what you want

I’m not about to take no for an answer
If I tell you I cant I’m still gonna go
I did it all by myself
I found my way around it

Wow. Congratulations Avril, you sound like a spoiled little brat. And do I detect the slightest bit of ego? I actually really like the rest of her CD but this one song is plain horrible. On the other hand the second bonus track, “Nobody’s Home (Live Acoustic)” was great, it almost made up for the aforementioned lyrics. Almost.

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