AllisonR 06-07

Hello everyone! I’ve been here in Bologna for several weeks now and I’m having a blast! I’m just about finished with my 4 week intensive Italian class, and feel like I can actually communicate pretty well. I’ve gone on a trip every weekend so far. My trips have been to Rimini (which was touristy, but a really relaxing beach day), Ferrara (which was BEAUTIFUL and I recommend highly as a place to visit), and to the region around Siena in Toscany. That was last weekend, and it was a bit too touristy for me, but we got to stay at the monastery where they filmed “The English Patient”. And that was amazing. Bologna is really great. It’s a fun and really beautiful city. I’ve got an apartment in the Southwest corner of the center, and I’m only a twenty minute walk from school. I’ve met so many people here from Dickinson, that I’m now friends with, but didn’t even know before! There are porticos all over Bologna, so if it rains, it’s not too bad, although I have to say, my favorite day so far has been walking home in the POURING rain with no umbrella, raincoat, and wearing sandals. I got absolutely drenched, but it was so much fun. The wind was pushing the rain around and then I started to feel what I thought were big raindrops, but it was hail! Now that was pretty sweet. Good day.
Oh and about the food, it’s pretty much amazing. I made pasta with zucchini and tomato sauce the other night and it was delicious. I also tend to eat way too much gelato, but I’m working on it.
Hope everyone’s doing well wherever they are!

Wow. It’s Tuesday, August 22. I’m leaving on Thursday, August 24 for Bologna. All I have to say is it’s a crazy feeling. I started to feel really nervous last week, and couldn’t get rid of the feeling until a couple of days ago when I finally started feeling like everything was coming together. One piece of advice for the next years kids coming over, try to avoid shopping in 5 hour periods and coming home with nothing that you really needed getting. In fact avoid 5 hour shopping periods in general, I’d say. They just make everything more stressful than need be. Sometimes you do have to shop for that long, even if you’ve been working on finding things all summer. But if you can shop quickly and effectively. Do it. Well… enough on shopping. I’m working on getting my bags packed today, which is a challenge indeed. I’ve got a big suitcase, a backpacking backpack (one of the big ones for camping and such), a rolling carry-on bag, and some sort of briefcase or handbag for the flight, I think I’ll be packing my bookpack inside one of my suitcases. And I know I won’t be able to fit everything I want to into them, perhaps I’ll just be sending my winter sweaters later on like so many others have. And as for Italian, I definitely want to practice some on the plane. But, at the moment, I’m really just excited to go. The logistics are pretty annoying, but once I get there I’m hoping at least some things will fall into place.
That’s all for now folks.