Cayla D

The short story, Borges and I, by Jorge Luis Borges, discusses identity and the self. Borges is trying to prove that language cannot successfully define anything and therefore, he is saying that the Borges who writes and the other Borges are not the same person. They are separate and different people. He does not able to identify with what the writer Borges writes because he believes that the writer Borges is a different person. Borges is showing that once you try to define something with language, the true meaning of the person is lost because language can never be accurate and real.

Borges shows through this short story how language shapes society and reality. The narrator is determined to find true definitions of words and he would like to truly explain objects and things through language. He discovers this goal to be unattainable and fails at giving things “true” meaning. This is impossible to do because language is constantly changing and therefore what we believe to be real and true is constantly evolving. Language is reality and it therefore creates the society that we know. Language is truth in our society.

In Jorge Luis Borges’ short story, “The Library of Babel,” Borges describes a library created out of hexagons that holds an infinite amount of novels, each describing something different. The books are all different, some in different languages and some with different stories, yet they all stem from the same thing, language. I believe that Jorge Luis Borges is creating a metaphor that says, this library represents people and all the things that exist in the world. They are all different but yet they all have the same origin. The short story talks about how there might be one book that could decode all of the other books so that one would be able to understand the universe. This book could be considered “god,” the all-knowing being that created everything. Jorge Luis Borges says that disorder can actual be a type of order, that we don’t have to make sense of the chaotic world that we live in, that it, in due time, makes sense of itself. Reality is yet again what we make it. There could be a “god” that knows the secrets of the universe or we could just all be the result of someone else’s imagination.

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