Hunter S

In the short story “The Aleph” Jorge Luis Borges writes about a certain point in space that contains all knowledge in the world. Through this small part of space a being can see everything in the world and learn all there is to know, but the hook that Borges uses to make a point about humans is the fact that, even when our narrator does obtain this “perspective” he is still an imperfect being that cannot comprehend or even remember all that he sees. Similar to points he has made about speech, Borges now tells us that the imperfection of our race simply will not let us be so all powerful as to obtain infinite consciousness.

Jorge Luis Borges shows us some of his most interesting and provocative writing in my opinion. The ideas that he addresses in this short story are philosophically revolutionary and evoke not only intelligent thoughts on the topics themselves, but also inspire new trails of thought for contemplation. The material example that Borges uses involves a man who tries to create his idea of a perfect human through his own dreams, but the real excitement of the story comes with the twist ending. Late in the text the reader finds out that from the very begining of the story our main character, who had created a being through his dreams, was actually a figment of another being’s dreams himself. While keeping the audience interested with his gripping plot line, Borges still manages to teach us that all it really takes for someone or something to “exist” is another someone being conscious or aware of it.

In the third part of “The Passion” our two main characters finally meet, just as I expected. With this new relationship we don’t see the loss or gain of passion in any one area, but rather the shifting of passionate focus from loyalty and gambling to passion for one another. This change in outlook shows maturity in the characters and really helps develop both of them throughout the story. Henri and Villanelle are very powerful characters because of this fact and they really help convey an idea of passion that the author may have intended to be seen through this literature. From everything that has happened so far, it is now clear that passion in this story is both good and bad and can seem very ironic. While it may be the reason our characters live their lives and the driving force in their decisions, at the same time it hurts so many people and is such a powerful negative force in their worlds.

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