This week I decided to write about the Juan Manzano reading, Autobiography of a Slave. I decided to write about this reading because I thought that it was very interesting and fun to read. I liked this reading for many reason one of those was because I liked how it switched throughout the reading from being about getting abused to finally fighting back. It also never mentions the girl’s mother it only mentions her mistress and her master. It starts by talking about how often the girl gets hurt and how her injuries are lasting injuries and will be with her forever. One example of this is when she talks about her nose, she says “suffering a broken nose to the point that blow after blow two streams of blood would pour from my nostrils”. The she goes on to talk about he wound she got “the wound was so dangerous that, having opened or smashed my skull, a part of my brain was visible. The wound remained open for more that two years.” I like how she put this in the reading because it makes you feel sorry for her and realize how hard her life must have been. I also like how at the end it changes and she becomes a “lion” especially when she sees her mistress getting attacked. To me this is a good way of ending the story because it shows how she has overcome her problems and learned how to fight back and not be taken advantage of. That is why I liked the reading.

For the blog this week I decided to write about the Frederick Jackson Turner reading which was The Significance of the Frontier In American History. First I wanted to say that I liked this reading it was interesting and was fun to read. This is a subject that I have some interest in so this reading is something that I enjoyed to read. I also had no idea that the frontier played as big as a role as it did in helping the country progress. Another thing was that this article used the progression of the frontier line to show what time period it was. The 1880s were a time were the line got pushed into northern Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The 1890s were times were the settlements were so wide spread that it no longer resembled a frontier line. Another thing that I thought was interesting was how Turner said that every time the frontier line was pushed further to the West it was done so by a “series of Indian wars”. I thought this was interesting because he also said that the Indians were the reason why the frontiersmen were able to push westward. When the frontiersmen went west they used the old Indian trails and turned them in to roads and then into railroads. So it was a little confusing how turner gave so much credit to the Indians for being able to leave ways for the frontiersmen to travel but at the same time said that we only pushed west by having many wars with the Indians.

For this weeks blog I decided to write about the Juan Pablo Viscardo y Guzman reading. The name of the reading is the Letter to the Spanish Americans I picked this one to write about for many reasons, one of which was the fact that it still talks about slavery like most of the other readings we have read. The only difference is that this reading always makes slavery sound like it is a disgraceful thing to do. It seems like this to me when they say “We owe it in gratitude to our ancestors, who were far from lavishing their blood and sweat, in order that the theatre of their glory and of their labor should become that of our miserable slavery”. I also liked how the author says that the history of the people could be summed up in four words “ingratitude, injustice, slavery, and desolation”. I also like how it went on to talk about how great of a power Spain is, “An immense empire, by us acquired, with treasures which surpass all imagination; a glory and a power superior to all that was known to antiquity”. However then it goes on to say that they couldn’t handle what they had, “with so much gold and silver, which with we have glutted the universe, we posses scarcely sufficient raiment to cover our nakedness”. So to me this is were I got a little confused it went from saying how great Spain was to saying how they couldn’t even keep clothes on there people back even though they had so much money. That is what I thought of the reading.

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