In part 2 of Umbertina I found similarities between Barolini and Puzo’s depiction of the Italian mother. Puzo’s character Lucia Santa in The Fortunate Pilgrim and the character Carla, Marguerite’s mother, in Umbertina were both born in the same generation. The depictions that the authors create of these two characters are very similar. Lucia Santa is seen as a caring mother and the leader of her family who is always looking over her children. She knows when anything is wrong with her children just by looking at them. I see similar characteristics in Carla when Marguerite is telling her family that she is getting a divorce from Alberto. When the news is broken about the divorce Carla immediately throws in her two cents. She talks about how she knew something was bothering her child, and then tries to build her confidence by telling her that she looks much better then she did the last time she saw her daughter. The Italian American family truly is matriarchal.

While watching this movie I was constantly asking myself, when is this movie going to be over? While the story about her grandmother in Italy was interesting, the rest of the movie was not. The story moved along to slowly. I feel if the movie were to have put a larger focus on the flashbacks, rather then just making them scenes with puppets I would have found the movie more enjoyable. These were the only scenes of the movie that I found interesting. Allowing Pina to die on the beach at the end of the movie was totally rediculous, while the director is tryign to make a point about how Italians are tight with their traditions I found a little over the top. A horrible ending to a horrible movie.