An interesting topic I found in Umbertina Part II, is Marguerite’s use of the word “sun”. Throughout we see that when “sun” is used, there is a change of focus in the story. “Sun” is first used when Gillo tells Marguerite that he cannot live with out sun and light. Marguerite then leaves for Italy and soon realizes that Gillo was never going to come to Italy to be with her. The focus of her life changes so that Alberto is now a main part of her life. When she is at the island with Alberto, she wants to go swimming, but Alberto doesn’t want to do anything. All the delights of the sun and light was udone. Sun also allowed her to feel love, which she thought she would never have. She thought of the love she couldn’t share with him because of this and therefore they seperated. “Sun” shows the freedom and a change of direction. She looks to Massimo to find comfort and she constantly refers to his body as the warmth of the sun. She looks for people that will give her the same feeling and freedom of the sun. I feel she was with him because of this attraction toward the sun and the freedom she felt from him, but he wanted freedom from her and so their relationship ended.

After watching the movie “Tarantella”, I thought the idea of the movie was good, but I did not like how it was portrayed. A woman wanting to reconnect with her past after her mother dies could make a good plot for a movie, but I felt “Tarantella” was too slow pased and I was disinterested from time to time. However the flashback scenes of her childhood helped to explain how she was feeling and showed how her mother and grandmother used to be. Having puppets to explain the story of her granmother was a favorite part of mine and it was creative idea.
I also enjoy the use of the dream book. Putting your future dreams and what you want to accomplish in a book helps you succeed in those goals by always reminding you of your future. This dream book also helped the main character connect with the past by following her mother’s struggles to accomplish her dreams. This book also brought Pina and the main character closer which allowed her to know more about her mother. Overall this movie was not as bad as I thought, for it did have some interesting scenes.