I think it is important to look at Marguerite’s relationship with her parents which is explained early on in part II. It is easy to see that Carla does not raise Marguerite with the same values that her mother, Umbertina, taught her. Carla was the daughter of an immigrant mother, she grew up with italian in the house, she was taught that it was not necessary to show other the family’s wealth. Carla was not born when the family lived in New York City, so she never had to experience a life of poverty. Carla raised Maguerite with everything given to her at the drop of a hat. However, with all this material wealth, Marguerite seems to have lost some of the affectionate love she wanted from her parents. This coupled with the despair she felt with her first heart-break in Europe may have affected her ability to hold a stable relationship with Alberto. After she found out that Gillo was married with children, Marguerite sort of falls into Alberto as a safety net. Thus, she begins an affair which of course affects her marriage with Alberto. I think it is impossible for Marguerite to hold a relationship due the past devestations in her life.