Instead of summarizing part 2 , I wanted to focus on one section of part 2 that i thought was interesting. Marguerite asks, “Are we lovers” two times in short period of time to Massimo. This shows me that she is very confused and unsure of what shes doing. I think throughout the section, Marguerite is trying to find herself and what path in life she should take. Another part of the section that portrays her relationships is how naive Alberto is. When Tina states that her mother was going out with her boyfriend, Alberto laughed as if this could never happen. This shows me that since she came back to him it put a false sense of trust between Marguerite and Alberto that acted as a veil over his eyes in the middle of part 2. I believe Barolini purposedly did this to make an interesting ironic situation.

My first reaction of the movie was that it was a poorly produced and cheaply made movie. The acting was pretty poor but the main point of the story was easily identified. Diana is forced to clean out her motehrs house after her untimely death. What i got from the movie was that diana and her mother were not close and when she died Diana did not have a chance to find out more about her mother. She is not a very italian oriented lady and cant even cook. The puppet shows were very interesting and i tought they were a great tool to explain the different stories her godmother told abotu her mother. Overall I flelt the movie was boring.