Ok so finally I have got pictures up of my trip to Thailand so now it’s appropriate to write this blog.

Before classes started in Beijing I took a 15 day trip to Thailand.  While there I returned to the village just outside of Chiang Mai to visit my host family from my trip three years ago.  It was so crazy to return to the village and see how people had grown up and changed.  My host sister is now 18 and in her last year of high school.  Next year she will go to a university in Chiang Mai, she wants to study politics.  The village was so excited to have me return as well.  Since my visit three years ago, the village has hosted EIL students every summer.  I am the first of any of the other American students to return.  I also reunited with my Thai chaperone P’Keng who is now living in Bangkok.  I met his wife, who was his girl friend three years ago.  P’Keng told me about an internship at his college for some international student program that would be open by the time I graduate from Dickinson.  This is all hopes and dreams, but I think working in Chiang Mai after I graduate would be pretty awesome.

While I was in Bangkok, the protests that made international news were going on.  I had several friends in China e-mail me worried about my safety, but honestly I was never in danger or ever inconvenienced by the shutting down of the airport.  When I would ask Thai people about their opinion of the protests they would respond, “We don’t really care.  These protests are just annoying.”  I guess that is a lot of the response that American would give about protests as well…  In truth the only impression I have of the protests is that it made traffic in Bangkok IMPOSSIBLE!

Ok well I know this is a very short and vague description of my trip to Thailand but my metere is running out on my computer.  You can see pictures of my trip to Thailand with this link: http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2040062&l=4c80b&id=17303707

In all I traveled to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pa Pai Village, Chiang Rai, Myanmar (for one hour), Phuket, and Koh Phi Phi.  When I saw P’Keng for the last time, it was more like see you later.  I know I will return to Thailand and continue to have a relationship with my Thai host family and friends.  Sawadee ka!