Thank you and Farewell

This summer has been a great summer for me. I have very much enjoyed the journey that this summer has been for me. A majority of this journey is centered around my internship experience at the All Stars Project. I was challenged daily, building my leadership skills in many ways. Over the summer, I have developed my ability to speak publicly, to facilitate workshops, to network, and to act as an aid to my co-workers. All of these skills help to make me a more well-rounded and developed individual, which is what the All Stars Project is all about. It amazes me that All Stars is a place that facilitates growth so much, that even those who just work and volunteer there have that experience. It was great to be apart of various teams that work to bring this growth and development into New York City, giving it to all kinds of people. The wide-range of support in addition to the partnerships we have within various communities like the one we have with the New York City Police Department is a testament to all of the great work that we do, which I would like to acknowledge again. Thank to the career center at Dickinson, for helping me fund this amazing experience. Thank you to all of the staff at the All Stars Project, all of which have pushed me to stretch myself in new ways this summer. Thank you to all the amazing people I have met through All Stars. Lastly, thank you to anybody else who may be reading this blog. You are all appreciated.


Warmest Regards,




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