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A beach bum’s guide to ocean acidification

Baltimore native Jim Meyer is a stand up comedian and freelance writer who wrote this piece about ocean acidification.  While it’s probably not going to get him invited to testify before congress he is reaching people that we usually don’t, which is critically important.  And he does mention Jimmy Buffett.  So, thanks Jim and thanks to Lee Karrh for sending this my way.  This is our post of the day:……Over the last 200 years, human pollution has caused the oceans’ pH to drop 100 times faster than it did in the previous 650,000 years. To give Continue reading →

The Real “Hot Tub Time Machine”

Blog readers will already know about the hydrothermal vents along the Italian coastline, some of which vent pure carbon dioxide into the sea at normal temperatures.  In conjunction with our coworkers we’ve examined these vents as potential ‘living laboratories’ which give us a glimpse of marine life in future high carbon dioxide / low pH oceans.  This photgraph, by Jimmy Harris (see link below), shows the Castello Aragonese near Naples, Italy.  Yes, the Italian translates to the ‘Aragonate Castle’.  It’s carved into the calcium carbonate Continue reading →