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Coastal acidification is like beer….

One of our goals is to communicate the difference between “ocean acidification”, a relatively steady drop in ocean pH caused by carbon dioxide absorption form the atmosphere, and “coastal acidification” which is the result of powerful biological processes in nearshore habitats and is extremely variable.  One way we think about this is to highlight the difference between making a carbonated beverage by direct injection of carbon dioxide (ocean acidification) and brewing a beer, creating carbonation via yeast fermentation of sugars (coastal acidification).  Both are important Continue reading →

Congratulations! Senior B&MB major awarded program honors.

Congratulations to Andrew McGowan ’16 who earned B&MB honors for his work on climate change impacts on antimicrobial metabolites in seagrasses.  Andrew’s work showed how natural changes in pH and carbon dioxide levels within seagrass meadows can alter plant biochemistry, suggesting how these plants will respond to increasing coastal acidification.  Andrew also won several senior prizes along the way!  Many thanks to his committee members and advisors.