One of the best parts of interning at ArticuLab this summer been the diversity of the staff both in culture and disciplines. My fellow interns come from all over: India, China, France, Texas. I am one of the few summer interns that is from Pennsylvania! This diversity from where we come from has allowed for a continuous flow of unique and different ideas and thought processes. I never thought when coming to this internship I would learn as much as I have about different cultures. From going out to dinner to exploring nearby parks, I have learned just as much from the conversations in the lab to the ones outside work.

On top of this mixing of so many different cultures, the interdisciplinary of the research being done provides further to the diversity. My favorite part of Dickinson is the interdisciplinary approach to education. I am able to take classes based on all my interests from computer science to environmental studies. Working in an actual lab that fully supports and encourages interdisciplinary research has been amazing. I have gotten to interact with professionals in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Linguistics, Psychology, and Human-Computer Interactions. Working in this lab has revealed further the power of a liberal arts education.

My time at ArticuLab is quickly coming to a close. I only have two weeks of work left! Thanks again to the Dickinson Internship Grant for providing me the funds to be able to pursue this experience!

To close out this post, here is a picture of me and my fellow ArticuLab Summer Interns!



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