Summer is Coming to a Close…

My apologies for not posting in a while. The past two weeks have been a whirl-wind of busy! Team meetings, wrapping up projects, and preparing for presentations have been my main priorities these final weeks. On top of this, I have still been doing landscaping on the side and keeping up with my swimming training! This definitely has been a summer to remember and I am excited to see my work come full circle.

Our weekly lab meetings, which includes all members in the lab from undergraduates to postdocs, now has wrap-up intern presentations. These presentations are given by leaving interns about the work they completed during their internship. A highlight about working at ArticuLab as an intern is that each intern is working on his or her own separate project. An intern is assigned an assignment at the start of their internship and given free-reign to figure out how best to finish the assignment.

It definitely is a lot to take in at the beginning. Here you are with new software, new computer languages, new toolkits, and a new computer architecture to learn before even being able to think about tackling your main assignment. However, this freedom is what makes the internship. It provided me with the skills and confidence to know that I can be thrown into a completely new environment, learn all that I need to, and then create a plan on how to finish the assignment. This freedom is what makes seeing my end work so rewarding. I can still remember how I had no idea what a Wizard-of-Oz experiment even was, but now I can tell you about this entire field of research.

Watching my fellow interns present their work is in a cliché way inspiring. I know first-hand by working with them the struggles and frustrations that they have faced while completing their work. To see projects such as new automatic head nod-tracking software being presented and demonstrated by my fellow interns is really incredible. Being a part of this internship revealed to every intern what they truly are capable of making.

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