A Summer in the Land of WoZ

Well that’s a wrap! I am officially done with my internship. Crazy to think that I have been here for two and a half months! With it being my final week it was my turn to present the work I completed this summer to everyone in the lab meeting.

I have always enjoyed making presentations. Presentations allow me to better gage how much I know and how much I learned throughout a process. With this presentation, it was rewarding to see that I accomplished my goal of being fully engaged in a research project and pushing myself to learn the in and outs of different experimental designs. While preparing for this presentation, I categorized everything I did this summer into three categories:

  • Explored the Wizard-of-Oz experiment design space and prior work in the field
  • Designed a custom Wizard-of-Oz Graphical User Interface
  • Programmed a Wizard-of-Oz Graphical User Interface

By categorizing, I realized I did not fully get everything done that I wanted to with number three. I kept having new ideas of improvements I could do for the program that I ran out of time to implement. I mentioned this disappointment to my lab advisor and he told me something I never thought before. He said that he hoped that I was not fully content with my work. He said that noticing there is still improvements to be done, but not enough time to get them done reveals that one was invested in his or her work.  And with that comment, I was content with all the work I finished this summer.

If you are a Dickinson student that is pursuing a low paying or nonpaid internship be sure to apply to the Summer Internship Grant. It provides students the opportunity to pursue these internships by providing funds to cover expenses such as housing, food, transportation, and parking. I would not have been able to accept this internship without the help of the Dickinson Internship fund! So thank you again Dickinson!

It has been a fun journey, but I am officially over and out! Thanks for following my internship blog this summer.

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