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Ask President Durden Episode 1

Ask President Durden Show # 1

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1.    The college has undergone some changes over the summer. Anyone who has been around campus has noticed the construction happening to Althouse, previously home to the Chemistry and Geology departments, and soon to house the Economics and International Business Departments.

  • What exactly is happening, and what is the status of the progress?
  • Has the campus undergone any other construction changes over the summer?

2.    The presently untitled café in the Waidner-Spahr Library seems to be a hit among students, who no longer need to leave the library to get that much needed cup of coffee or pastry.

  • How long was the café in the works?
  • Are you worried that it might add unwanted noise to the Library?
  • According to a recent article in the Dickinsonian, the café was funded by payments from overdue books. This was a terrific way of using that money, but was that the original purpose of overdue book fines or simply a handy and efficient way of using the fines?

3.    The college has also undergone many policy changes over the summer. For instance, this year there is a printing quota for students. The school allots 600 pages, or $60, worth of printing, per student per semester.

  • Is this policy meant to save money on ink, or is it geared more towards saving paper and becoming a “greener” campus?
  • Do you feel that this policy is unfair for students whose major’s require them to use vast amounts of paper?

4.    Laundry is in a similar situation, with an allotted amount of 34 cycles, or one load a week, per student per semester.

  • Is this also meant to save money or to save water and become “greener”?

5.    Eliminating dining hall trays has so far accomplished the goal of saving money by not washing them, and anyone who has been to the dining hall has noticed the decrease in food wasted by students.

  • Why then are there still stays in Union Station, also known as the SNAR?

6.    The sushi bar has been a huge hit with students and faculty alike. It is not only tasty, but healthy as well.

  • How long was the school considering the addition of a sushi bar?
  • What is your favorite type of sushi?

7.    Another hot topic, and scary as well, is that of the H1N1 virus, known commonly as swine flu.
The school has many precautions in place to prevent a full-fledged outbreak, but are you still worried about the virus spreading, especially on such a small campus?

8.    Everyone around school seems to be talking about cable on campus, or rather lack thereof. Can you please clarify the cable situation on campus?

  • There is a rumor going around that students can get Comcast in their rooms, is their any truth to this?

9.    The Dickinson Football Team is off to another great season. Last Saturday Dickinson defeated arch rival Franklin and Marshall to keep the Conestoga Wagon for a sixth straight year.

  • How excited are you that the Red Devils get to hold on to the Wagon for another year?
  • The Red Devils recently defeated Hobart, who was ranked #17 in the nation for Division-III. There was talk that Dickinson should have been ranked after that victory, yet weren’t. What is your take on this?

10.    The new science building, Rector Science Center, has many new and technologically advanced features, along with being a terrific place to study and do homework.

  • What is your favorite feature about Rector?

11.    President Durden we will end on a light note.

  • How many bow-ties do you own?