Hey everyone, my name is Austin Seabolt. I am a rising senior and Policy Management major. I am originally came to Dickinson to play football and baseball, but was forced to stop after some injuries. It was then that I got involved in RDSN and doing media for our athletic department. I am interning this summer at TA Films, a sports film production company in Mooresville, NC. My first week began in a pretty big way: with a five day shoot at Bank of America Stadium, with the Carolina Panthers. We were filming their scoreboard intro video that they play before every game. For this shoot, I was a PA (Production Assistant), which basically means I was there to help out on set and do all of the little things. In addition, I was also the Dolly Grip, which means I operated the dolly that the main camera (and cameraman) was mounted on. This was a pretty important job because the things I was doing were directly impacting the way the final shot turned out. All in all, it was a great experience and great way to kick off the internship.