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Relationship Building

Things have been going great here at TA Films. Since the shoot with the Carolina Panthers during my first week on the job, I have worked in the studio using Adobe Premiere to edit footage for upcoming projects, I’ve been back to Bank of America Stadium to help set up and record an interview, and I’ve been on the road working on ESPN projects in Louisiana and South Carolina. All of this has been great to help me make friendships with other interns and members of the staff. While in the studio I’ve worked a lot with the interns (one who is a student at Chapman, one who is a student at Purdue). The interesting part, however, is the friendships I’ve made with my coworkers. They range in age from 20’s-30’s, so it is easy to interact with them, and the time spent on the road with them has been a lot of fun.

Week 1

Hey everyone, my name is Austin Seabolt. I am a rising senior and Policy Management major. I am originally came to Dickinson to play football and baseball, but was forced to stop after some injuries. It was then that I got involved in RDSN and doing media for our athletic department. I am interning this summer at TA Films, a sports film production company in Mooresville, NC. My first week began in a pretty big way: with a five day shoot at Bank of America Stadium, with the Carolina Panthers. We were filming their scoreboard intro video that they play before every game. For this shoot, I was a PA (Production Assistant), which basically means I was there to help out on set and do all of the little things. In addition, I was also the Dolly Grip, which means I operated the dolly that the main camera (and cameraman) was mounted on. This was a pretty important job because the things I was doing were directly impacting the way the final shot turned out. All in all, it was a great experience and great way to kick off the internship.

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