As Time Flies

August 15, 2016

Now well into the dog days of August my summer internship with Back on My Feet NYC comes to a close. This summer internship was so much more than I ever could have imagined. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to work with the BOMF staff, and really get to know them. Being able to get to know the members of BOMF as well and learn a little about their personal stories was an unique opportunity that I am so fortunate I got to have and will last a lifetime. I have made so many new friends, and I am so excited as they continue their journey to run the NYC marathon this upcoming November. BOMF NYC really showed me that even in this unpredictable world, there is always optimism and glass half full outlook, even if you have to refill your glass in order to see it that way. Not to brag but I definitely had the best summer internship I could have hoped for!

Although my internship is over with BOMF, this is far from goodbye. I will be interning in D.C. this fall for another running based non-profit, and will definitely be out the door at 5 am some mornings to get some runs in with the BOMF D.C. teams!! If anyone reading this lives in an urban/highly populated city, I highly suggest you see if there is a BOMF team near you, then go out and run while making new friends and a difference. What else are you going to do at 5:30 am?? Also if there isn’t a BOMF team, but you think there should be contact BOMF and see what steps are needed!!

To all the students wondering how you can find your dream internship like I did, think of a place that you had an incredible time at, and realize why you did, and if there are job opportunities doing that. In 2011 I ran the Philadelphia marathon, there was a BOMF table at the expo, I didn’t think much of it then, but when I realized I needed an internship it was the first thought in my head. In liberal arts we are told to make connections with our courses, well there is a simple reason they want us to do that, because those connections are all over the place in the real world.

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