My latest essay appears here… it looks like a very promising collection.

New Lewis Hyde Book

August 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

Ah, for another week of summer to read Lewis Hyde’s latest. I taught The Gift for the first time last year and will do so again the next chance I can manufacture. Late breaking: also has a review out, this time in graphic form.

No sooner did my latest review essay for College Literature appear in print than it’s already available on Project Muse. I write about recent trends in American Modernist criticism, with particular praise for Seth Moglen’s bravura Mourning Modernism. Ain’t technology grand?

Even more navel gazing! An interview I did right when the book came out with WBEZ WBEZ 848, the mighty Chicago NPR domain of such wonderfulness as “This American Life” (where Ware is featured this week as well) and “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me.” I was featured on the program “Eight Forty-Eight” with Alison Cuddy […]

This is what I was working on for the last two years… Chris Mautner’s work at Robot 6 is always interesting and informative… one of the models for what comics writing and reporting should look like. Enjoy… and buy the book at a local, independently-owned bookstore near you.

So it begins…

August 4, 2010 | 1 Comment

a new blog… to go along with my delicious account. and my twitter account. and my facebook page…

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