1. You are liable for any damages incurred to the space and/or the equipment during your timeslot.
2. Do not reserve the space for more than 3 hours at a time, once per week.
3. The hours of operation are 9am – 10pm 7 days a week.
4. You may bring guests, but you are fully responsible for their behavior and treatment of the equipment.
5. Perform a checklist when you arrive and before you leave, taking stock of the condition of the space and equipment. Report any damages to us (our contact info may be found in the Garage).
6. Personal equipment may be left in the room, but neither Band-Aid nor Dickinson College is responsible for its safety.
7. Permanent equipment may not leave the room.
8. No smoking.

Hello world!

Band-Aid was created in 2013 by Graham Stevenson and Emilia McManus to provide student musicians and bands a place on campus to practice.

our fearless leader

our fearless leader

With guidance from the Idea Fund and ca$h flo from the Student Senate, we got the Garage! Facilities worked through winter break of 2012 and into the 2013 spring semester in order to complete the project. During this time, Graham and Emilia sought club approval for Band-Aid in order to run the space and bring together like-minded individuals who are just tryna jam.

Currently we are working on the beautification of the space, which is not at its aesthetic best. If you’re interested in helping out or just want to find out more, come to Activities Night tomorrow at 6 or just hit up Emilia at Last but absolutely not least, we’d like to thank Brenda Landis of the Media Center profusely for creating this blog and lending us some equipment to help us get the space up and running.