I’ve always wondered why so many ballparks feel the need to have so much extra entertainment. Between the running of various characters in oversize heads, and random challenges like “High Low Jersey Numbers”, fans across the country can count on entertainment at every break in the game.

Let’s go, Teddy!

Granted, I do enjoy the Presidents Race at Nationals Park, the “follow the ball” games, et cetera but I feel like the constant bombardment of stimuli takes away from the main reason for being there in the first place: the baseball game. Sure, it’s nice to have something to do while you wait for the grounds crew to rake the infield, but whatever happened to discussing the game? Now, instead of reliving the clutch hit that retied the game, or the dropped ball, we’re busy watching a semi-drunk man try to figure out the lyrics to a snippet of a song (sponsored by 98.8, all country, all the time!). I’m not saying we need to eradicate everything that isn’t baseball, but sometimes just being able to sit back and take in the scene without distraction is nice.

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