My dad grew up as a Yankee fan and my mom grew up as a Met fan. My mom was never too serious about baseball or the Mets, but her father was. My mom has told me that the worst days in her house were when the Mets lost because her dad would be in the worst mood. Years later when she met my dad, being the guy he is, one of the first things he told her was that he was a big Yankee fan. She knew her dad was not going to be happy about her dating a non-Met fan. So, as my parents dated, became engaged, and got married, she never told her dad. She knew she had to tell her dad eventually and a little while after my parents were married, she did. She was not as scared to tell her dad that she did not marry a Met fan, but she had to tell him that she converted to a Yankee fan. When she told her dad, although he loves his team, he of course was not mad. He made jokes over the years that his daughter “abandoned” the Mets and would argue about baseball with my dad sometimes. But even though they were not rooting for the same team, they could just sit and talk about baseball and they loved it.

Rebecca Dukmejian


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