When you see that perfect pitch come in and it’s in your zone, you can’t help but feel confident. You get your barrel around and hit the ball right on your sweet spot. You snap your wrists and feel the ball fly off your bat, like it was effortless. You take that easy follow through as your start running towards first base. About 3-4 steps in you look over your left shoulder and find the ball. You see it drop in the outfield, you start your banana curve and sprint off first base to simply glide into second. You stand straight up on second and look at your third base coach, he gives you that “good job” look or that “way to go” nod and you feel that sense of accomplishment. You hear your teammates cheering from other bases and the dugout, “Atta-baby,” and “Way to go kid!” A huge smile lights up on your face, you try to hold it back and look cool, like it is something you do all the time, but the corners of your mouth still seem to creep up. You look at your parents and friends in the crowd. Your parents are so happy as they get applause and “way to go’s” from the other parents as if they were the ones that just hit the ball. You just stand there on second, for the 30 seconds you have before the pitcher gets the ball back and the next batter is up, and you just bask in the glory of that hit. The hit you’ve been practicing and working on to get. The feeling of that perfect hit is the best part of the game.

Lindsey Softball

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