When we were reading Game Time by Roger Angell, there was an essay that talked about how the Mets got their team colors. For anyone who does not know, the team combined the blue of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the orange of the New York Giants. This got me thinking. How does a team choose their colors?

In some cases, it’s pretty obvious, like with the Orioles or the Red Sox. The Rockies have the “purple mountain majesties”, and the Nationals stay patriotic in their red, white, and blue.¬†However, some teams do not really make sense to me. I have encountered western diamondback rattlesnakes in the wild, and I can safely say they are not red and black. The uniforms looks cool though.

I think part of it is psychology. Color association is probably why the home team tends to wear white and the visitors, darker colors. They can be seen as good and pure, and all the other common stereotypes of the color, while the visitors give off bad vibes. On the other hand, darker colors can also be more intimidating (especially black) so you may be able to undermine the other team’s confidence simply by donning your jersey. At the end of the day, what color you are wearing does not affect the game at a noticeable level, but it is still fun to theorize about.


Red is clearly the best color.

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