Almost every single baseball movie I have seen has been an inspirational, feel good story. Whether it was Moneyball, about the once terrible Oakland Athletics rise to success, or whether it was Trouble with the Curve, about an old scout who successfully gets the job done with the help of his young daughter. From my experience there is also this reoccurring theme in baseball movies of an underdog fighting his way up towards greatness. This was seen in the movie The Rookie, where against all odds an aging Dennis Quaid tries to become a professional baseball pitcher. There is also one of my all-time favorites, The Sandlot, where Scotty Smalls, a new kid in town, saves the day by retrieving the ball from over the dangerous fence. I think the reason for these reoccurring themes in baseball movies is that in baseball, as in most sports, fans always root for the underdog.


Here’s the original trailer for Sandlot

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