I’m not a fan of players that were suspended for steroid abuse in the regular season being allowed to play in October.  Jhonny Peralta will be playing left field for the Tigers in the upcoming ALCS against the Red Sox after serving his 50 game suspension for violating MLB’s drug policy.  I don’t like the fact that he did not help his team through the last months of the season and is now able to possibly impact the outcome of a series.  Also, he could be taking playing time away from Jose Iglesias, a former Red Sox, who had large impacts throughout the regular season to push the Tigers into the postseason.  I guess I have more of a problem with the managerial side than with Peralta.  Jim Leyland has to make the choice of starting Peralta over players that played the game right and were with the team the entire season.  As a Red Sox fan I would hate to see this player impacting the outcome of a series after being suspended for cheating.


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