Growing up I was raised by my grandmother. She is my role model because no matter her condition she would get up everyday to make breakfast for my brothers and me, and then go to work. She was both of my parents and more, but she wasn’t a father figure. From basketball to baseball to football, sports have always been in my heart, in my blood. Growing up, sports were a way to keep me out of trouble and to keep me out of the street. Those who did not spend time on sports joined gangs and did other activities that damaged their lives. I kept playing sports from middle school to now college. My coaches have always been role models for me, the father figures that I try to shape myself around. Four coaches that I will never forget are my high school baseball and football coaches: Coach Pace, Coach Scmidt, Coach Jose and Coach Whittaker. These men gave the team all that they had, their complete respect and care. I can say that I love coach Scmidt and Coach Jose. Day after day they came to baseball practice, always showing us what it means to work hard and what it means to be a man. They gave us lessons of respect and responsibility. I wish someday I cane like them. I am thankful and grateful for having these men in my life. prom

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