I did my second exchange with Eric another time because we are two guys who take an appointment at the last minute (or even after). I had to ask him about his life in an American town, here the “interview”!
A: Where do you live now?
E: Carlisle, but I’m from Chicago
A: How big is this city?
E: There are about 20.000 people in Carlisle.
A: Is there a lot of activities to do there?
E: Yes, mostly with the college, but it’s near the Appalachian Mountains, so there is also hiking (randonnée), but there is a small downtown area, with restaurants and bars, etc. Also, we can practice many sports and activities like theatre, music or debate. I’m in the debate club and I really adore public debate because it can generate changes.
A: Does, participate to chess club makes you being a zero and practice sports make you a popular person?
E: In high school, it was the case but in college we’ve grown up. We are more mature, well I think…
A: Where would you live now if you could move?
E: I think Berlin… I found it interesting and the weather was not so bad when I visited haha.
Then Eric ask me where do I live, I answer in Toulouse, in the south west of France. I tell him I won’t live there forever because I’ve always wanted to go to New York, after my studies… He thinks New York is wonderful but too big. It is the big apple after all. He asks me the population in Toulouse, 440204 since Google results. Then I tell him why I like to live in Toulouse. Because, it’s a beautiful city. Not too big, not too small. Easy to live, there aren’t a lot of problem with bad guys. The weather is not too bad; winters aren’t so much hard and cold. But I miss a Starbucks!
“What do you to do for fun in Toulouse?” I say “Shopping, going to the cinema, or just walk in a park, hang out with friends, sit down at a Café.” But there are also more rare activities like carting, bowling, etc.
If I think Toulouse as global city? I don’t know, I learn at school it was not so… Is there minorities? There are no really religious minorities because religion isn’t an important part of our lives. And for ethnical minorities, I don’t think we can call it minority because there is Arab, Chinese, African people all over the country.
Then we turn off skype and if I’m going to bed, his day isn’t finished.


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