I talked to Pia for the 3rd Skype exchange. We started in English, about discrimination in the United States. First of all, I asked her if she thinks discrimination is a big problem in the US, and she answered that for her it isn’t, because most people don’t discriminate the others. She has never witnessed any discriminatory action in her high school, but sometimes the news report one case and the students talk about it. She also discusses about discrimination in her sociology class with her classmates. For example they studied one situation: a black man called someone to rent an apartment and his request was rejected, and then a white man did the same and got the apartment. I explained her that this kind of situations happens in France too, job applications with Arab names are more often rejected, but this discrimination is outlawed, so employers are punished. Then, I asked her if there was a diversity of teachers in her school, and she told me that it depended on the department, but some of the teachers were black people, others were Asian or Hispanic people. They studied discrimination against black people in their history class, during the civil war for example. But nowadays, discrimination is also against Hispanic people, from Mexico for instance. I asked her if she believes that there will be a Hispanic president in the US, she said that it may take a little longer but it could be! We also discussed about the geographical differences. She thought that discrimination is not the same in the north and in the south of the US, and it is different in Europe too. In Germany, where she used to live, there are few black people, and discrimination is more against Turkish people. In France, it is mainly against Arabs.
Then, she asked me questions in French, about the diversity of cultures. I told her that I think school is a good way to mix the different cultures. We carried on our discussion, I think it was very interesting to discuss about these subjects with Pia. I think a great diversity of cultures is a wealth for a country, and it is something we should encourage rather than trying to limit.


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