This time with Michaela we talked about discriminations. I first asked her if nowadays, discrimination is it still a problem in the USA and she answered that although the problem has decreased greatly there is still discrimination within the US. For example in the workforce many women receive lower salaries than men even if they hold the same position and do the same amount of work. Then, I asked her what she thinks about discrimination and she told that she believes that discrimination is unfair and unacceptable. Regardless of race, gender, culture everyone should be treated equally in all aspects of life. When I asked her : Do you think that one day we can solve this problem ? And how ? She said that she thinks that one day the problem of discrimiation will disappear. It seems that as time goes by people become more accepting of those who might be slightly different from them. There isn’t a specific solution to solving the problem because we cannot change someone’s opinion. However hopefully people who are discriminant towards others will realize that all people are equal regardless of race, gender etc. My last question was about relationships between Americans and Immigrants. She said me that the relationship between Americans and immigrants is a very interesting and complex one. America is a country that is essentially made up of immigrants as most people who live there now are decendants of people who traveled to America from Europe and other areas of the world. Because of this most Americans are pretty tolerant of immigrants because essentially someone in thier family was once an immigrant as well. The problem Americans have with immigrants is when people go to the US illeagally. For the most part this is a problem in the Southern US where many Mexicans sneak into America in hopes of finding economic prosperity and a new life for their children. She doesn’t think that people would mind if these people were going there legally but because they have entered the country illeagally many Americans feel that they should not be there. This conversation was really interesting because now I really can see the differents points of view of Americans.


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