I spoke with Danielle about american and french cinema. She said to me that french cinema is not very popular in USA, because american movies and series as Gossip Girl or One tree hill predominate. And she is aware of this superiority. On the other hand she don’t know very much movies because she is too busy, she don’t have time. So she is not very aware of this subject. However her friends know french movies as ‘the artist’. Concerning her, she has seen at school Amélie Poulain, and Midnight in Paris a month ago on TV. She does not watch series, she prefers movies especially. I ask her about american series, if they reflect really the american culture. And she answers yes, some of them like Gossip Girl reflect this culture. However, mainly of them exagerate the reality.
Then we discuss more on the situation in France. We think that french movies or series are not as famous as american movies because not much people take attention to France. People in the world are much more attracted by USA which stands for a dream, the dream to live in, to work and success there. Also they are not very expanded in USA because french movies have not as money and technic means to make films such as american producers, companies. They are not as well-produced and shaped as american movies. That’s why only a few people know french cinema in USA.
But it does not means that our films are not good, just we can’t compare them to the giant american.
Camille De castro


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