For Sophia!

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While staying at a hotel in Santarém, I recorded this video of fish swimming for my niece: Fish! Tweet This Post

A closer look

October 9, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Let me give you a little more insight into these pictures. I’ve highlighted some features that I find interesting and that you might not necessarily notice if you haven’t been here for a while, or aren’t gifted with observation skills superior to my own (you probably are!). Starting with the arrows: The blue arrow, in […]


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Oh, blah-g

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Dear blog, I think about you every day, and how I’m not writing in you. I have a secret – I care less and less! Tweet This Post


August 16, 2012 | 1 Comment

Now that those pesky London Olympics are over, international sports coverage in the US can turn to bigger things, such as the upcoming World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, hosted in Rio de Janeiro. This is the article that caught my attention. I am pleased to see people discussing the games, though already labeling them […]

Absence from my blog has made my heart grow fonder for it! I’ve thought about posting to this public record every day, but in the end my inner censor gets the best of me. Rest assured that I have some posts in the pipes and should be posting about every week from now on, but […]

Happy Independence Day, Gringos (I’m told that in Brasil it’s NOT *necessarily* offensive!)! Two days ago we went to the historic center of Salvador to celebrate the 2 de julho (dois de julho), or “Bahian Liberation Day.” Instead of me describing the day, I composed a photo post (think: photo essay). Enjoy the photos and, […]

Emily rightly requested via the facebook that I explain my title! Allow me to do so: A long time ago, a German dude named Hans Staden found his way onto (I’m going off memory here, so, Carolina, this is the real test of my study skills!) a Spanish ship to the coast of Brazil. By […]

Hello world!

May 10, 2012 | 1 Comment

Back in May, I emailed Todd over at the Media Center about setting up an “Abroad Blog” for my year in Brasil. This first post, titled “Hello world!” seems cruelly enthusiastic. I left it unedited until today, which is my third day in Brasil. I still do not know what form this blog will take. […]