Happy End :)

Hi friends,

We apologize a lot that we didn’t follow through with this blog. We failed at this..BUT we didn’t fail at something more important! On August 4th, 2010 around 6 pm we crossed the bridge over Columbia river and entered Portland, OR after nearly 10 weeks on the bikes. The joy was enormous. It was a great experience from which we learned a lot about us, people around us, life, USA and most importantly, we learned that people are great! We couldn’t have done this trip without guys such as Paul who gave us hamburgers for lunch while we asked him for directions, Jeff who drove 30+ miles only to host us in this house, all the guys from gas stations and inns who never refused to give us water, and many other who opened their hearts and homes for us and made us feel that we have homes all across the country! We remember and will remember each one of you because you were the reason for us to be able to accomplish this trip. And this success is as much ours as it is yours.

We  hope that we have inspired you to follow your dreams and showed that impossible is indeed nothing as long as people are determined to pursue their goals until the end. So, enjoy your life to the fullest and all the best to all of you!

Once again thank you for everything! We will always carry you in our hearts!