Meet Otis!

While every dog comes with his/her own unique name, they each share one common nickname; man’s best friend. That name is found to be true time and time again. I had always been a dog person, but it wasn’t until I finally got my own little puppy that I could truly understand where that nickname came from. 2020 brought a lot of unexpected surprises, however through a world pandemic and a school closure, there was only one thing that could flip this year around. That’s where Otis came in! After years of begging my family to get a dog, my parents had finally given in.  Being a puppy golden retriever with his crazy, energetic personality and his heartwarming smile he never fails to make anyone’s day. Otis makes it clear that the nickname is true, a dog really is a man’s best friend.


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  1. Otis is adorable and would be a perfect playmate for Sunny. They could run around and wear each other out!! How old is Otis? Sunny just turned 12 weeks old last Thursday.

  2. Amy Witter

    And my dog Chase could help socialize all of your pups!

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