When looking into dogs behavior it is a very complex concept that has many components to it. Although it’s a hard thing for humans to understand why dogs do certain things hopefully this could help you out. Since dogs were originally domesticated from wolves there are many traits that carry on from them. Even though wolves are not dogs and are not domesticated you can clearly see some characteristics .

First a major similarity between both that originated from the wolves was running in packs. The reason behind this for wolves is to take care of the youth and it allows them to bring down larger prey. Since dogs were domesticated from wolves the modern day dog still exhibits many pack behaviors like a wolf. When talking to Professor Ruth who has three different type of breed dogs showed me how they act around each other and what they like to do. All three dogs range in ages as Emma the youngest is 7 who is a Saint Bernard, Henry a shih tzu who is 11 and Max a yorkie who is the oldest is 12.

Professor Ruth tells me that all of the dogs are extremely close and they are mostly together most of the day. She says when she gets home from work they all follow her around the house until they get their dinner. This show how wolves running in packs corresponds to the three dogs behavior as they are always together. In a Wolf pack there is always a dominant leader that is the hierarchy to the group  and you also see this in dogs as well. Professor Ruth went on to continue to say how Henry is the most dominant of the household. The reasoning behind this is because Henry is the most aggressive out of the three and it shows in the house apparently.

All three dogs loves to play with another in the backyard as some of them will play fetch and the other will just relax in the sun. All three of the dogs all get along very well with strangers and other dogs. In all, Max, Emma and Henry are beautiful and great dogs and Professor Ruth is an amazing owner to them.