Pearl is a French bulldog that is only 6 months old! She weighs about 15 pounds and is very lovable. After meeting with her owner, I learned lots about her. Pearl is brown and black and very cute. “Small but strong” is how her family describes her and it shows. She loves being with other humans (often more than other dogs) and she tends to gravitate towards humans. 


Pearl weigh 15 pounds and is from New Holland in Lancaster, PA. Pearls mom weighed 16 pounds and her dad weighed 28 pounds. Pearl is a pandemic pooch so her family was overjoyed when they got some extra company during these hard times. Her family hasn’t had a dog since 2011 so they were very excited for some puppy love with quarantine hit.  


Some of Pearls favorite things include eating peanut butter and going on walks with her family. On walks she likes to forward roll and it gets everyone in her family laughing! Pearl isn’t the biggest fan of going on long walks as that’s not what French bulldogs do, due to their very short legs and scrunched snouts. She gets very tired after 15 minutes because her snout makes it hard to breathe. But she certainly loves those 15 minutes of walks!! I loved getting the chance to meet with Pearl, she is very cute and seemed very friendly!