Golden retrievers have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. For many years, Lord Tweedmouth from Russia, purchased a yellow Retriever named “Nous” in 1865. Lord Tweedmouth then bred him into a Tweed Water Spaniel which is now an extinct breed. This breeding process produced four puppies and it is said all golden retrievers are direct descendants of these puppies.

It is known that golden retrievers are kind and gentle dogs, perfect for families. Goldens are known to be highly active and tend to enjoy swimming, running, playing and almost anything having to do with exercise. They also tend to be easy to train which is why they are considered great first-time dogs and family dogs. Goldens are known to be gentle and obedient and thrive on family activity. They are not the most protective dog because they have been bred to be more welcoming and social. Golden retrievers’ fur is long and thick causing them to shed a lot. Goldens are also known to rarely bark, but when they do it is a deep, loud, and sharp bark.

The golden retriever is known to get along with other dogs. They are not known for being aggressive towards other dogs so, it is easy to introduce them to different pets in a household. It is suggested that people looking to adopt a golden retriever who have children, should wait until their children turn 7 to adopt the dog because it is a large sporting dog. Goldens are prone to allergies, thunderstorm anxiety, and digging making them a bad dog to be permanently outside.

This is Sofi! She is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever. Sofi was adopted when she was a puppy at around 8 weeks old. Sofi fits the Golden Retriever behavior stereotype perfectly. She loves to swim and swims about 3-4 times a week because she lives near a creek. When she is not swimming, she is chasing balls and sticks, as well as going on her regular walks. Sofi’s mom says she loves playing and would prefer to play rather than sleep, any day. Sofi’s mom said it was very easy to train her which is typical for a Golden Retriever like Sofi. Sofi is not the most protective dog and she would not save her family from intruders. Sofi does not bark a lot but she will if she wants to play or even if she sees a deer in the yard. Sofi loves playing with children but, she is bigger than them, so they do not always want to play with her! Sofi had a brother names Tico who she loved playing with. It was a little hard for Tico to get used to Sofi because he was acting like an old man at first. After about 2 weeks, they were best buds. Sofi is your typical Golden Retriever and if you ever can not find her, she might be swimming!



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