Yayo is a 2-year-old rescue mix, but she looks a lot like a German Shepherd. She is very smart and can open some doors with her paws. She is easily taught commands, and when she hears the word walk, she will go to the door. She loves walks and is very energetic, but she dislikes swimming. She doesn’t like to play fetch, but loves being off leash. On walks she will bark at other dogs and strangers, but her tail wags. She gets very protective and territorial of her family and house when other people come near them.

Different dog breeds have had different behavioral or physical traits that have been bred for over time. Which can lead to certain behaviors or physical features be very prominent in the breed over time. Some of these characteristics are herding, hunting, guarding and companionship. The physical traits most likely are related to companionship and whether or not humans would find them cute or not.

German Shepherds were originally bred as herding dogs, which has kind of become territorial and protective, and are sometimes used as guard dogs, and in the military and as police dogs. They are one of the smartest dog breeds and are very easy to train. Because they are very territorial and protective of their owners, they tend to bark a lot when people enter and leave their house. They are also very energetic and will need a lot of attention if they are not exercising enough.

Border Collies are very energetic and need a lot of exercise, because they will get very restless and eat anything in sight if they are exercising enough. They are also extremely smart and easily trained. Border Collies and German Shepherds have some very similar traits, so there is a pretty good chance that Yayo is a mix of both, because breed can be a factor in behavior of a dog.


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