Blog Prompt #4: Nam Le’s “Love & Honor”

Blog Post #4 Due: Fri 10/26, 10:30am // Comment #4 Due: Fri 10/26, 11:59pm

Cover of Nam Le's short story collection, The BoatIn this post, describe how Nam Le’s short story, “Love & Honor,” reframes / challenges one aspect of what you’ve learned so far about Asian American Literature. Support this reflection with a detailed close reading of one specific literary device from the text.

First, consider what we’ve learned about the field of Asian American Literature up to this point in the semester and, more specifically, what we’ve learned about the literature surrounding the Vietnam War. Think back, also, to the two previous primary texts in this unit: The Gangster We Are All Looking For and “Aubade with Burning City.” Describe how any combination of the primary and secondary texts in our current unit have illuminated a specific theme, tension, or central concern of Asian American Literature / literature of the Vietnam War. Be sure to use quotes from at least one text in this unit to showcase the theme / tension / central concern you are describing.

Then, describe one specific way in which “Love and Honor” reframes or challenges this theme / tension / central concern, and provide a detailed close reading of one specific literary device from the story to illustrate this shift. Remember to pay careful attention to articulating (a) what effects emerge from this literary device, (b) how these effects are produced, and (c) why they are significant to the shift you are describing.