Blog Prompt #6: Calvin Trillin’s, “Have They Run Out of Provinces Yet?”

Blog Post #6 Due: Mon 11/26, 8:30am // Comment #6 Due: Mon 11/26, 11:59pm

Trillin's New Yorker ImageRead Calvin Trillin’s poem and Katy Waldman’s commentary on it. Then, develop your own argument about Trillin’s poem in conversation with Waldman. Focus on one specific literary device / pattern in Trillin’s poem and produce a detailed close reading of this device / pattern. Your analysis must clearly demonstrate how you are agreeing with, adapting, extending, or challenging Waldman’s argument.

Remember to introduce both Trillin’s poem and Waldman’s article. Please also be attentive to the format and organization requirements of the blog post (see Blog Post Assignment Sheet).

Finally, come to class on Monday prepared to lead a segment of our class discussion based on your blog post.